New Music Celebrates Ranvir’s Inauguration

Leyland Band’s fanfare team joined organist Edward Rugman and The University of Central Lancashire Chamber Choir conducted by Mark Goggins to celebrate the inauguration of Ranvir Singh as Chancellor of the university.


UCLan community welcomes new Chancellor Ranvir Singh Banner Image


Mark Goggins is the University Chamber Choir Director and course leader for music theatre. Traditionally the University graduation ceremonies feature Leyland’s fanfare team, the University Chamber Choir and an organist independently at various points throughout the ceremony. Mark wanted to bring together all these musical elements to perform the fanfare and processional music to open the  inauguration ceremony.

Mark composed a brand new work for choir, brass and organ for the ceremony taking its title from the university’s latin motto “Ex Solo Ad Solem” (From the Earth to the Sun). Mark said “The motto’s sentiment is a crystallisation of what UCLan is about. So this sentiment lies at the heart of the piece, and I wanted to convey a sense of celebration within the context of an important, formal occasion”.

The inauguration took place in the Guild Hall, Preston. The assembled audience were entertained before and after the ceremony by Leyland’s small ensemble as they enjoyed drinks and canapes.

Hear part of “Ex Solo Ad Solem” on the video article below:-